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Specialized in computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and delivering services, the product lines of Printers include personal computing devices, industry standard servers, storage devices, networking products, software and range of printers. We are experts in printing technology and offer support for all their products!

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We offer all types of software and hardware services, like software installation, un-installation, printer installation, printer repair, and other printer services. We provide them for laptops as well as computers. Printer services are provided for wireless printers too. We have a customer support unit, working 24*7. You can raise a service request and we would respond within the response time promised by us as per the issue reported. We classify the issue based on the severity into high, medium and low priority issues. For high priority issues the response time is one hour. For medium priority it is five hours and for low priority issue it is one day.

24/7 Printer Support

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We do have a loyalty program where in the loyal customers are provided with certain special offers and bonus points which can be redeemed for the services provided by us. The details are uploaded in the portal and can be explained by our customer care representatives too.

We excel in the services provided by us because of:

Excellent customer service 24x7

Periodic updates on the issues reported

Online expert services through mail or phone

Each service area has market experts to updated and latest services

Regular validation of customer feedback

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