You can count on the Real IT network security and support team to keep everything running smoothly. From network security testing and audits to firewall configuration and much more.

At Real IT we understand that your office’s network is the backbone of your technology infrastructure. That’s why we ensure all of our clients have a network that is secure and properly maintained.

Our team of network technicians and expert consultants are uniquely trained to manage networks of all sizes and risk categories. We can provide you with network security testing and audits that include router and firewall configuration, managed switch installation and wireless access point deployment.

Trust the team with over 10 years experience in sophisticated security testing and hardening to protect your data and privacy.

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Enjoy Ongoing Monitoring

You can have total peace of mind knowing our experts are vigilantly monitoring every functional network component in your system and are always tuned into crucial desktop events and mission-critical applications.

Experience Best Security

With over 5 years experience you can be sure that Real IT will be monitoring your system, doing audits, updating patches and passwords and always checking your firewalls so that spyware, adware and viruses are stopped before they can do any real damage to your network.

24/7 Expert Access

Get access to our team of specialized experts 24/7. Their experience in networks that spans server setup and maintenance, backup management, offsite backups, onsite or remote support, antivirus and spam filtering, network security and much much more.

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