Anti-Spyware Software (100% Detection) for 2020

Every day, there are dozens of new anti-spyware products that come out onto the market, claiming to guarantee protection. And every day, there are new harmful spyware exploits created to bypass these weak defenses. With so much antivirus and anti-spyware software out there, it seems overwhelming to find protection that actually works.

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When downloading any anti-spyware product, you need to be careful. Some anti-spyware products are actually spyware, designed to hack and steal your data. And even the ones that aren’t malicious are probably really bad — like most of the software we tested — leaving you seriously vulnerable. That’s why we’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed all 47 of the best antivirus applications on the market and analyzed whether or not they offer high-quality spyware protection to keep you protected.

Short on time? Here are the best antiviruses with anti-spyware capabilities:

Dedicated anti-spyware picks:

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